Foundling (Introduction)


Foundling Trio 3

Foundling is a story inspired by this poem:

once those ones whom we hammered and tore
apart at length are scattered in fear,
lost in peril and gone from the earth:
because then among the ruins I would hear,
at long last, my own voice once more,
which has been howling since my birth.

—Rainer Maria Rilke (from New Poems, trans. by Joseph Cadora)

Jayden Fox resides in the world of Midnight Hollow. He has been around for over two centuries under the assumption that he is the last of his kind.  He is half human, half red fox with the ability to transform between both.  He lives the majority of his life in human form as he is weakest in fox form. The humans of Midnight Hollow were the reason for the extinction of his kin. He has spent his life alone, and a stranger to himself. Although he is ancient, he can be rather immature and temperamental. He does not know who he is nor has he taken time to figure it out.  He is immortal  due to a spell cast on him when he was born. The spell was cast by a Coven known as the Bishops (a coven no longer in existence) which granted Jayden several powers; certain abilities are mostly driven by his temperament. The spell had unexpected drawbacks and at four months (in a fox lifespan) Jayden stopped growing/aging.  The Bishops intended for Jayden to be immortal but never intended for him to become stunted at four months. He uses his powers for years at a time. Although the humans of Midnight Hollow are uncertain of who or what he is, they believed he was dangerous therefore he was captured and imprisoned in an old abandoned mausoleum. In fear of his true identity being discovered Jayden abides with his imprisonment and it is from his cage he casts unbearable weather forcing humans to flee.  There was one other human who remained in Midnight Hollow her name is Ara Frost.  There is a lot about Ara that impacts Jayden.  Her true last name is not really Frost, but a name Jayden would instantly recognize.  Her true name is significant on many levels, to both of them.  Everything about his instincts tells him not to trust Ara, later he discovers there is a very good reason for his mistrust as she conceals many things.  Though initially, he is not very forthcoming either.  There is something that continues to draw both of them to one another (Ara’s true last name has something to do with it), even though most of the time Jayden wants to destroy her.  This story is about choosing between following a path designed to carry on a bloodline or going against one’s own fate.  A decision both Jayden and Ara will face as they find themselves imprisoned by the past in the world of Midnight Hollow.

At the end of each part, there are summary videos of screenshots set to music.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

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