Willow’s Rest Café (Part 3.0)

Willows Rest Blank

Friday 17 December 2010, 7:00 pm


I have scheduled the third interview for tomorrow. As I review my overall notes and comments on Trent, my phone rings and as if in mid-sentence of a conversation that has not yet begun, the caller speaks:

I was just looking at the forecast for tomorrow…and well…it would seem the storms will be quiet for a bit…

Who is this?

It is Trent…Mason.

Trent, hi.

Hello…well, so, you are a creature of change…how about for tomorrow’s meeting it is held at sunrise instead of noon?

What time does the sun even rise?

In December, at 6:45am to be exact. I thought I would meet you at 6:00am?

Willow’s Rest is not open at that time on the weekends.

It is not, no. But how about you join me in wandering about?

I see. I will meet you at 6:00am. Have a good night, Trent.

Until morning, then.

Saturday 18 December 2010, 5:45 am

The Willow’s Rest and its surroundings at this time are serene and free of human sound. It is within the deciduous Willows the few remaining Mourning doves sing.


The sand is wet from the week of storms; the scent of the air is made up of oils from the Willow carried by the rain and onto the rocks.

As I approach the front of the café I notice Trent has already arrived. 


He stands in the distance, beneath the Willow and the Mourning doves. He does not say a word or provide the slightest gesture. Still the only sound, is the song of the doves.


There are moments when it is uncertain, how secure he truly is about his interactions with others. Common day greetings are something he infrequently initiates. His glance seems to suggest he has somewhat warmed up to the idea of these interviews, yet he still seems cautious.


At our last meeting he mentioned the phrase: hidden agenda; the expression on his face also suggests a suspicion that there exists something hidden. I stand where I am, and observe what he does. After a few moments, he walks over.

Are you ready to wander about?


Good morning, Trent.

Good morning.

What an idea to watch the sunrise.

I thought you would enjoy, something different from the past two interviews.

Thank you for inviting me, into your space.


Well, so the question I was thinking as I stood under the Willow…

Yes, of course, you have a question.


Will you be all right, before you’ve had an espresso?


[This is Trent’s sense of humor. He is warming up to the idea of these interviews.]

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